Education and Language

Education and Language Vision

Lake Babine Nation’s (LBN) vision for education and language is lifelong education of the highest quality for learners of all ages based on LBN’s values and culture, designed to support students to overcome any learning challenges they may encounter and find meaningful work.

This will mean progressively taking back jurisdiction from the federal and provincial governments for education and language and delivering education in Lake Babine’s Communities.

The Nation will develop and offer language programs so that members of all ages have the opportunity to learn Nat’oot’en and, by extension, Lake Babine culture.

The goal is to deliver as much of this education and training in the Communities because they are better grounded and supported at home.

Lake Babine Nation will also offer a variety of cultural and Nat’oot’en camps in the Territory throughout the year, for families, citizens requiring healing, children in care and other citizens living away from the Communities, giving more people the opportunity to become grounded in Lake Babine culture.


Education and Language Milestones and Key Steps

  • Call to members interesting in becoming part of the Lake Babine Education and Language Advisory Team.
  • Create Education and Language Working Group with British Columbia (BC) and Canada
  • Advisory Team to develop strategies in consultation with all members for:
    1. Language
    2. Early Years Education
    3. K-12 Education
    4. Post-Secondary Education.
  • Negotiate funding to implement these strategies
  • BC and Canada determine what laws or policies need changing to enable LBN jurisdiction in this area.
  • Work with non LBN schools to improve education for LBN learners, LBN and Indigenous curriculum, and accountability to LBN parents.
  • Build an LBN workforce to deliver LBN’s expanded education and language programs.
  • Create a Lake Babine Nation Education Authority and a Lake Babine Nation Language Authority to implement Lake Babine’s language and education strategies.