Lhilhyets’olhdic- Let’s Talk with One Another

What is the Lhilhyets’olhdic webinar series?

The Lhilhyets’olhdic is a webinar series hosted by Lake Babine Nation which allows for safe engagement during the Covid public health crisis. The series was created to engage Lake Babine Nation members in the implementation of the 2020 Foundation Agreement and in ongoing improvements to programs and services.

When is the next session?

The next session is planned for May 19, 2021 at 6:00 PM and is titled Keyikh Wit’eenee ‘it’en wanee lhabizdilh’eikh– Building our Workforce.

Lake Babine Nation is developing a Human Resources Strategy. Our goal for this strategy is to ensure that our members are in a strong position to take full advantage of the opportunities that will be coming as we implement the Foundation Agreement. As part of the strategy, we hope to learn from LBN members 15 years or older.

To Register please call 250.692.4700 or email Roxane.Alec@lakebabine.com

Who can attend?

These webinars are for the members of Lake Babine Nation.

Can I listen to sessions that I’ve missed?

Yes! Check out the audio files below to catch up on any missed sessions. Also feel free to make an appointment with the Program Liaison Team to learn more about the Foundation Agreement.